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Bob finally baled the first cutting of alfalfa (mixed with a lot of wild mustard) and the kids stacked it in the barn. First cutting is never the best hay, but you have to get it off the field...
Hauling hay for your use or to deliver to someone else saves money on shipping. Safe transportation requires careful loading and making sure the hay is secured.
Radio interview source: Dr. Dan Undersander, Extension Forage Agronomist, University of Wisconsin Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Stacking hay correctly is...
For many years, all baling twine was made from natural fiber. Today, you have the choice of natural fiber, or plastic twines in an array of colors and strengths.
Typically natural fiber twine is a natural option for those baling hay. However, it's frustrating when the twine breaks in the machine as it's wrapping the bales. Steve Dodds is the CEO...
If you have used equipment you want to utilize to mow hay, you must learn up on the safety rules before mowing.
Radio interview source: Dennis Murphy, Extension Safety Specialist, Penn State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   In this edition of Maintenance...
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I grew up 30 miles south of New Holland, Pennsylvania, and would often ride with Dad to the town’s livestock auction market to sell our feeder pigs. My sister and I would hang out in the...