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  Kids respond really well to the familiar taste and fresh, perky scent of mint. Even my three picky eaters enjoy the herb and willingly harvest leaves for fruit salads, lemonade,...
Winter decorating with herbs is easy. They are aromatic, colorful, and textural. Best of all, they infuse a bit of the summer garden into your home in the midst of winter. Rosemary is a popular...
Herbalist Cindy Sauers of Saturday Farm in West Harwich, Massachusetts, likes to make this soothing drink with fresh lemon balm from her garden. You will need a glass pitcher or half gallon size...
Ingredients: Fresh lemon balm leaves, roughly 1-2 cups Fresh rose petals Water Sugar to taste, if desired. Place a pink or red rose petal (make sure they are not sprayed with chemicals)...
Basil is easy to grow and comes in many varieties
Sun-kissed basil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the most popular and useful herbs in the kitchen garden. Distinct varieties of the plant originated in Italy, Greece, Thailand, India, Africa, South...
Power up your hydration this summer with this collection of cooling waters flavored with herbs and flowers from your garden, citrus, or exotic fruits. Perfect for refreshing yourself on a hot...
Making your own tea is easier than you think! Try growing some of these herbs, then drying them and adding them to hot water. Not a tea drinker? Make your own herbal blends and sell them at your...
Prepare the crostini, goat cheese mixture, and tomato-watermelon mixture ahead of time, and it will just take a few minutes to assemble this tasty appetizer just before serving.
Number of Servings: 8 Serving Size: 2 crostini Yield: 16 crostini Prep: 30 min Chill: Up to 12 hours 4 ounces goat cheese 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives 2...
Take advantage of the fresh produce in your garden and at the farmer's market this summer by making these refreshing cocktails!
Change the taste of this refreshing cocktail by using different types of mint, like the pineapple mint pictured.
Number of Servings: 8 Start to Finish: 10 min 8 black tea bags 1/3 cup fresh mint leaves 1/3 cup lime juice 2/3 cup dark rum 1/4 cup honey Ice cubes 1. Place tea bags and mint...
Don't overlook old dressers and filing cabinets as junk! Reuse the drawers as planters for the garden and indoors.