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Don’t use too much of a homemade remedy because you could be doing more harm than good
There’s a lot of information out there on using natural garden remedies for everything from battling bugs and diseases, to super-duper growth concoctions. I’ve crushed up eggshells to add...
You need a bottle of this
If there’s one magic bottle-of-stuff to have around the house, it’s vinegar. If you don’t have any, get some, because I asked our Living the Country Life Facebook friends how they...
Dave Holt developed a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco out of alfalfa
Cowboys have chewed smokeless tobacco for generations. For over 40-years, Dave Holt of Whitehall, Montana, almost always had a pinch in his lip when he was roping calves. A few years ago a dentist...
Look no farther than your kitchen or medicine cabinet to help control common garden pests.