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Whether you are 12 years old or 42, buying your first horse is a dream come true. But horse ownership takes work and commitment. These tips help you know what's required.
Customized products are personally connecting a woodworker with his customers
When it comes to making things by hand, Bob Michaels has woodworking down to a science. His small business in Dousman, Wisconsin makes beautifully handcrafted works of art that are also functional....
Give them all the hay they can eat and fresh water
Horses grow out their coats in the winter and are well adapted to the cold. However, they need more food to keep up their energy level and body weight. Monte Stauffer is a livestock Extension...
Horses have natural insulation, but there are times when a blanket can help keep them warm
My parents have miniature horses. This time of year they’re fat and fluffy with a long hair coat, and like to be out in the cold weather despite having a cozy shed to stay in. There are...
Get your horse's spine - and life – back in line
A horse that’s not behaving well, showing some lameness, or hating you in the saddle might benefit from a visit by a chiropractor. Even four-legged creatures can throw their backs out of whack...
Botulism is one of the most potent toxins known, and horses are a very susceptible species
Botulism is caused by toxins produced by a bacterium in low-or-no-oxygen environments, and can be deadly to horses. They usually ingest the toxins in their feedstuffs. Eating trampled hay, or hay...
A healthy horse barn is clean, has good ventilation, and enough room
Horses don’t need the Taj Mahal to live in, but their barn should be comfortable. This includes a stall for each horse that is at least twelve-feet-by-twelve-feet, and kept at a temperature...
Your horse will get a tummy ache if he eats too much too soon
You know how your digestive system feels when you’ve eaten too much rich food? Your horses can relate. When first put out on pasture in the spring after winter confinement, their metabolism isn...
If you see blisters on the mouth, nose, or feet of your livestock, call your veterinarian right away
Having just one canker sore in my mouth is painful. Livestock can have many, which can also include blisters in and around their mouth, nose, and feet. Tony Moravec is a veterinarian with Merial...
You don't have to break the bank in equipment and feed costs
Horses aren’t cheap to have around. They require space and equipment – and they eat a lot. Some people have to take out a loan just to purchase the animal, but there are less-expensive...