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Vaccinations, deworming, and a check of the horse's overall condition is important as we go into the warmer months
As the weather warms up you’re probably planning how you’re going to condition and use your horses. We’re also not too far away from mosquito season and the diseases they can...
Keep your horses safe and infection-free with these tips on hoof care
Keep your horses sure-footed with a regular pedicure. A hoof pick is probably the most important tool in a horse grooming kit. The hooves need to be picked out after every ride or walk to prevent...
It's not curable, but with proper care, your horse can still live a quality life
If your horse’s coat seems to be shaggier than usual, and he’s lethargic and losing muscle mass he may have Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, or PPID. It was formerly known as...
Ease him into his new surroundings
When you bring home a new horse, he needs to be slowly acclimated to his new surroundings. After all, he’s just been uprooted from everything that was familiar. Jennifer Williams is the...
Use your phone to keep track of how fat or thin your horses are
It can be hard to tell whether a horse is getting too fat or too thin unless you give it a body condition score, which is a method of estimating the amount of fat on the animal’s body in...
Be ready a week or two before the due date
Witnessing the birth of a foal is a beautiful thing. Usually the mare can handle it herself, but it's always wise to make preparations a week or two in advance to make sure she delivers safely...
Stop this habit before it affects the horse's health
Horses can develop bad habits, and one of them is cribbing. Carey Williams is the equine extension specialist with Rutgers Equine Science Center in New Jersey. She says cribbing is the act of a...
Learn what the signs are, how it's transmitted, and prevention
Equine herpesvirus is highly-contagious disease among horses, donkeys, and mules. It’s spread by close contact, and causes respiratory infection, abortion, and neurological disease. Becky...
Watch out for vermin that bug your horse's ears
A horse uses its ears to express itself. Their position can tell you a lot about the horse’s mood. But if he shakes his head, won’t let you put the bridle on, and doesn’t like his...
A lot could go wrong if a horse is behaving suspiciously, which could mean they are experiencing early symptoms of a serious condition or disease. We've collected some basic information to help...