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Garden pests encompass insects, diseases, animals, and weeds that cause problems for cultivated plants. Follow these tips to identify and avoid them.
This tiny fly enjoys fresh fruit as much as you do
The spotted wing drosophila is a type of fruit fly that has the potential to damage many fruit crops. The bug is an invasive species that has quickly spread around the entire country. It likes to...
Most insects living in the wood are only a nuisance
We have a fireplace in our house, but I’m glad it’s gas. I can't stand the thought of bringing in firewood with all kinds of bugs living in it! Entomologist Laura Jesse at Iowa...
Try these tips to tackle uninvited pests from invading your home this fall.
As the weather cools off and leaves start to turn, it’s the time of year to look into preventing unwanted guests from entering your home. Pests in search of a cozy, warm environment will start...
By late summer the leaves on most trees look like they’ve seen better days, but for the most part, that’s okay
The leaves on the linden tree in my back yard are looking pretty chewed up. They’re shredded and have lots of holes in them. This is normal for that tree, but some people become alarmed by what...
If you see a lot of bugs in and around your pond or stream, that’s not necessarily a bad thing
Land owners can tell a lot about the health of the water in a stream or pond by color, water clarity, and dissolved oxygen levels. But there’s another good indicator – bugs. Dip a cup of...
Farm the insects as a chicken feed supplement, or for exotic pets that enjoy a juicy bug snack
Crickets and mealworms are like candy for chickens. Exotic pets such as lizards and snakes go crazy for them too. Start your own bug farm and you’ll always have healthy treats ready to hand out...
A balmy day could bring unexpected visitors buzzing around the house
I have to swat enough flies during the summer, so I don’t appreciate being bothered now, too. But, unfortunately, a balmy day or two this time of year literally draws flies out of the woodwork...
This Indiana man once had “three-million head” for sale
How many times have you heard one chirping cricket and want to kill it so you could get some sleep? Crickets are music to Barry Farmer’s ears. The Leopold, Indiana, man is an entrepreneur at...
Infestations in pastures and hay fields can explode quickly.
Dry weather followed by rain in the late summer and early fall means farmers should be on the lookout for fall armyworms, said Dr. Allen Knutson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist...