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Lavender Content

The livelihood of a Washington State man depends on the fragrance of a purple flower
Mike Reichner spent 18-years as a Washington State park ranger. When he decided it was time to leave that career and put down some roots, he bought land near Sequim, Washington. The farm boy in him...
Here are the top 10 new product offerings from W. Atlee Burpee & Co.
Alexis Koefoed realized that hindsight was 20/20
For years, Alexis Koefoed of Vacaville, California drove by a bare piece of land that she dreamed of owning. When it came up for sale in the late 90’s, she convinced her husband Eric that they...
From potpourri to medicinal properties, lavender is a plant you should have in your garden.
One of my favorite scents is lavender. I’ve had lavender soaps, lotions, and potpourri but you just can’t beat the smell of the blooming plant in your own garden. There are many varieties...
The Fusons planted lavender for health reasons and now they have a thriving business based around the herb.