Living the Country Life

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Try adding a new fixture to your backyard this spring.
A white gazebo covers this patio to create a cozy corner to sit and enjoy your own backyard.
These patio details add a rustic touch to any backyard.
Add a swing to your porch this spring.
Here are some of our favorite ways to add some flare to your porch this year.
Try HID lights on your machinery for extra brightness
Radio interview source: Cadence Corwin, Parts Marketing Specialist, John Deere   Listen here to the radio story mp3 or read below In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a...
Fuses vs. bulbs
Check the fuses Ask a question and find more useful maintenance tips >> Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Blake Barnes, group product...
No switches needed when you need light
Listen to the radio story mp3 When it gets dark in the country, it gets really dark. Motion lights can make your life easier after the sun sets, and offer a sense of security. They can also be used...