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It's not necessary to spend hours creating a beautiful garden
Choosing low-maintenance plants and gardening practices allows you to create lovely landscaping with little fuss. Denny Schrock is the master gardener coordinator for Iowa State University. He says...
It's not necessary to spend hours in the garden. By choosing low-maintenance plants and gardening practices, your landscape will look great with little fuss.
Radio interview source: Denny Schrock, Garden Editor, Better Homes & Gardens Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Irises, lilacs, peonies, and lilies are among the low-...
Here are a few practical design tips that will save you time and money.
Getting started Weekend to-do list: Fix holes in stall floors Scrub water buckets Replace boards in stalls Clean nests out of rafters Paint barn...
You may be facing a decision on what to do with an old barn that's seen better days. Restoration can be expensive, but sometimes just keeping up with repairs will maintain the building for future...