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Protect the environment on your land to benefit the soil, water, and wildlife. A conservation plan helps you figure out how to reach those goals.
Manage the natural resources on your land by implementing a conservation plan. The benefits include protecting the soil and productivity, improving water quality, and attracting wildlife. The Natural...
Fire improves habitat for a variety of wildlife species
Prescribed burns indirectly impact wildlife by changing vegetation structure and composition. They impact how much food is available, and the amount and quality of cover for wildlife. Jarred...
You’ll find details from specific soil types to endangered species in your area
The University of Missouri has developed an online tool to provide landowners with detailed information about their land. Ray Massey is an extension ag economist at the University of Missouri, and...
Transform the edges of your farm into an ecosystem powerhouse
Turn those unproductive edges of your farm into a haven for wildlife. A hedgerow is a dense, linear planting of trees, shrubs, forbs, or grasses. They provide shelter for wildlife, and support them...
Match the terrain and the number of vehicles going in and out
The lane that takes you from the road to your home is also a welcome mat for visitors. Ben Pequeno owns a paving company and offers advice on his website, He says when designing a...
Landowners who want to improve their natural resources may consider enrolling in this program
The Conservation Stewardship Program – or CSP – is the largest conservation program in the United States. From installing buffer strips to ecologically-based pest management, land owners...
The mature trees on your property might be worth some money
Part of a forest management plan often involves marketing the mature trees. You can make a lot of money from your woodland. However, do not have a timber sale by yourself.  Most people don...
Check local regulations before tapping into the nearest water supply
When your crops don't get the rain they need, your next step might be to install an irrigation system. Noel Gollehon is a senior economist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. He says...
Zoning laws often dictate what can and can't be raised within city limits
People who live within city limits but want to raise chickens, bees, and other agricultural products are often prohibited from doing so by local zoning ordinances. Gary Taylor is an Extension...
Trees can make great fence posts
Using trees as living fence posts saves you time and money when putting up a fence. A disadvantage is you don’t get to pick where the posts should go and you can’t be obsessed with...