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Mice Content

Sanitation and making your outbuilding less attractive to rodents will reduce the problem
Mice and rats are creatures of opportunity. The contents of your outbuilding or shed might be their good fortune. Bob Pierce is an Extension fish and wildlife specialist at the University of...
Cooler temperatures mean rodents seeking shelter.
When warmer days go away, rats and mice come out to play—inside our homes and other buildings. K-State Research and Extension wildlife specialist Charlie Lee said late fall is the time of year...
Keep these uninvited house guests from scurrying around
I’m probably one of very few people who think mice are cute. However I draw the line when I see one running through the house. None of us ever extends an open invitation, but if a mouse can...
Mice don't make good roommates for chickens
Chicken coops are the Taj Mahal for mice. There’s food, water, and a cozy place to nest and have babies, especially when it’s cold out. However, rodents do not belong there and should be...
When setting traps, remember: it's location, location, location
Radio interview source: Stephen Vantassel, Wildlife Damage Management Expert, Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Almost...