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Your horse will get a tummy ache if he eats too much too soon
You know how your digestive system feels when you’ve eaten too much rich food? Your horses can relate. When first put out on pasture in the spring after winter confinement, their metabolism isn...
The right rental rate is based on a number that the landlord and tenant agree to
Leasing land is a great way to get into agriculture without the high cost of buying. For landowners, leasing provides a steady income from land they’re not using.   Setting the land...
Good spring pasture management sets the tone for the rest of the year
Pastures are coming out of dormancy and the grazing season will soon be upon us. Your animals will be giddy eating fresh forages again. Proper pasture management before you turn the animals out makes...
Late winter freeze and thaw cycles can help green up the pastures in spring
Got a pasture that’s looking beat up with a lot of bare spots? Spread seed on it now and you’ll have new growth in the spring. This renovation method is called “frost seeding...
Cutting grass at the right time helps control weeds and maintains forage quality for livestock
No matter what species of grasses are in your pasture, they will benefit from mowing. Dan Undersander is an extension forage specialist at the University of Wisconsin. He says there are two main...
Poisonous weeds found in pastures
Keep your livestock away from these pesky weeds.
Everything you need to know to start raising alpacas.
Everything you need to know about raising alpacas.
The most reliable indicator is to look at your plants instead of the calendar
Spring is at our fingertips and everything’s starting to green up. Feed is the number one cost of raising livestock, so producers are antsy to get their animals grazing on pasture. But hold...
Ensure production and longevity with the right development steps
Healthy livestock depend on healthy pastures, and developing a strong perennial pasture benefits both animals and forages. Whether you’re creating an all-new pasture or renovating a tired one,...
Why focusing on soil erosion and conservation practices is important.
You may hear the phrase: “We are losing our soil.” Sounds serious…but how do we lose soil? Nick Comerford, a member of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and professor at...