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Cutting grass at the right time helps control weeds and maintains forage quality for livestock
No matter what species of grasses are in your pasture, they will benefit from mowing. Dan Undersander is an extension forage specialist at the University of Wisconsin. He says there are two main...
Poisonous weeds found in pastures
Keep your livestock away from these pesky weeds.
Everything you need to know to start raising alpacas.
Everything you need to know about raising alpacas.
The most reliable indicator is to look at your plants instead of the calendar
Spring is at our fingertips and everything’s starting to green up. Feed is the number one cost of raising livestock, so producers are antsy to get their animals grazing on pasture. But hold...
Ensure production and longevity with the right development steps
Healthy livestock depend on healthy pastures, and developing a strong perennial pasture benefits both animals and forages. Whether you’re creating an all-new pasture or renovating a tired one,...
Why focusing on soil erosion and conservation practices is important.
You may hear the phrase: “We are losing our soil.” Sounds serious…but how do we lose soil? Nick Comerford, a member of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and professor at...
Rotational grazing benefits both your pastures and your herd.
  Rotational grazing can provide pastures with higher yields and also allow for more efficient utilization of your forage resources. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out...
Proactive fly control, water access, and a supplementation program can help promote consistent cow performance through spring and summer.
Late spring and early summer pastures provide essential nutrients to the cow herd, as the cow cares for herself, the calf at her side and her developing fetus. During this period, pasture management...
A chicken's salad bar should produce plenty of seeds and attract insects
Putting chickens out on pasture is a popular management method for many small flock owners. The birds can freely scratch and peck over a large area, eating to their heart’s content. Jim...
Rotational grazing pays off for this young farmer. Here are his tips on getting started with a grass-fed beef program.