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Pest-control Content

The growing season may be about over, but that doesn't mean you can let your guard down when it comes to pest control.
Creepy but beneficial
Spiders of any kind give me the heebie-jeebies. And when I’m working in my garden and become face-to-web with a big, black and yellow garden spider, I’m out of there. But once I get my...
With their brilliant colors and transparent wings, you can't help but be transfixed by their movement over the water
There are lots of dragonflies at the lake near our house.  I love to watch them hover and dart around, but they used to scare the kids. They're large insects and those long abdomens do look...
Trunks and roots of apple trees are among the favorite meals for mice in the winter
When there’s lots of snow on the ground and you’re just a little mouse, it’s tough finding your next meal. But if you happen to be scampering around fruit trees, dinner is served....
Most insects living in the wood are only a nuisance
We have a fireplace in our house, but I’m glad it’s gas. I can't stand the thought of bringing in firewood with all kinds of bugs living in it! Entomologist Laura Jesse at Iowa...
Try these tips to tackle uninvited pests from invading your home this fall.
As the weather cools off and leaves start to turn, it’s the time of year to look into preventing unwanted guests from entering your home. Pests in search of a cozy, warm environment will start...
A balmy day could bring unexpected visitors buzzing around the house
I have to swat enough flies during the summer, so I don’t appreciate being bothered now, too. But, unfortunately, a balmy day or two this time of year literally draws flies out of the woodwork...
Reducing fly numbers starts in the winter
The biting stable fly is a painful nuisance to pastured cattle. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done in pastures to reduce stable fly numbers except control the sites where they...
Keep these uninvited house guests from scurrying around
I’m probably one of very few people who think mice are cute. However I draw the line when I see one running through the house. None of us ever extends an open invitation, but if a mouse can...
Hornworms can be very destructive, but are fortunately easy to control
If something is munching on your tomato plants, it might be a tomato hornworm. Hornworms are large, green caterpillars with a “horn-like” tail that gives them their name. They can grow up...