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Pay attention to their triggers and avoid sharp teeth
Years ago I was out for a walk and suddenly out of the blue, a large black dog came running after me and bit the back of my leg. His choppers ripped my pants and left a bruise, but fortunately no...
Make sure your dog is eating right so she has the energy for her new family
Good nutrition and a balanced diet are important for all dogs, but especially for pregnant dogs that need the extra energy. Sarah Abood provides nutritional consultations for small animal patients...
This pet-passionate couple is educating others about respect for animals
All over the country, healthy, adoptable animals are being put down.  Ryan and Krissie Newman of Statesville, North Carolina saw the need for education about responsible pet ownership. They...
Before you bring home man’s best friend, do your homework to be sure you’re choosing the right one
I know several people who wanted a dog, visited an animal shelter, and had their heart strings tugged by a sad-eyed pup who ended up going home with them.  An impulse decision isn’t always...
This devastating disease can be prevented
We adopted our cat Lacy from some neighbors. We took her in as a kitten and found she was born with feline leukemia, contracted from her mother. Fortunately, Lacy’s own immune system was able...
Wildlife are vaccinated on the ground from up in the air
Rabies is a deadly disease for animals and humans, and is most predominant on the East Coast, where raccoons and other wildlife live in close proximity to people. For the past 20-years, the USDA has...
Bunnies don’t mind the cold as much as we do, but they need protection from harsh weather
As we’re bundling up for colder temperatures, your rabbits are wondering what the big deal is. They’re hardy critters, and it’s fine to leave them outside in their hutches as long...
Is buying pet insurance right for you? These four tips can help you decide what policy is right for you and your pet!
Cases of marijuana intoxication in pets on the rise
As of November 2014, four states had approved the use of marijuana as a recreational drug, and it appears that marijuana is becoming more widely accepted across the nation. Not surprisingly, the...
Use technology in the sky to keep your dog within his boundaries
I grew up on an acreage alongside a highway. We had several dogs that met their demise by running out onto the road. Now a containment system that uses GPS tracking can keep dogs within their...