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Should you have it?
I’ve had pets all of my life, and have had to make tough decisions whether to pay for treating a serious illness, or putting the animal down. These were cases where having pet health insurance...
Basic first aid for the dog is not much different from humans
Dogs get into tussles with other animals, and explore things they shouldn’t. As a result, they’ll often come home with minor puncture wounds and lacerations.  Fortunately, doctoring...
Pygmy goats are becoming the new “it” pet for both rural and urban dwellers alike
The cutest farm animals come in pint-sized packages.  Adult pygmy goats are about the size of a medium-sized dog, and are a nice fit for owners with limited space. Dori Lowell is the business...
If your pet becomes injured, staying calm and knowing what to do are key to saving his life. Read this tips and be prepared in case of an accident or illness.
When the kids say they're bored this summer, raise some tadpoles
It's great fun for both young and old to catch tadpoles and watch them develop into frogs. Steve Johnson is an associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida. He says the...
Tuff Enough
Family pets can be so much more than just a companion--whether they're helping out around the property, providing protection, or helping their loved ones stay in touch with the world. Read what...
Grandma's home remedies for raising chickens comes in handy for organic producers
Radio interview source: Jacquie Jacob, Extension Poultry Associate, University of Kentucky   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below To raise chickens and sell the meat labeled as organic, no...
Eric and Callene Rapp raise endangered rabbit breeds.
Radio interview sources: Eric and Callene Rapp, Owners, Rare Hare Barn Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Eric Rapp is the third generation in his family to...
Pets wander away from home and get lost. If you find an animal without an ID tag, what do you do?
Radio interview source: Dr. Robert Weedon, Shelter Veterinarian, Champaign County Humane Society Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Occasinoally a stray dog or...
Set out catnip for the kitties and they'll do everything from bounce off the walls to mellow out. Not all cats respond to it, but if they do, it's funny.
Radio interview source: Narda Robinson, DVM, Colorado State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Cats are pretty entertaining when they're around...