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Whether you have rabbits as pets or for commercial use, they need a nice hutch to live in. If you want a customized cage, building one may be the best option. Jim Miller is a district director...
One of the most distressing events for pet owners to encounter is witnessing their pet being injured in a road traffic accident or some other type of mishap. When your pet does become injured, here...
These funny animals are proof that friendship knows no bounds, even when the friends are different species.
If you have cats, be aware of the risks associated with feline leukemia
Listen to the radio story mp3 Common signs of feline leukemia include a lack of appetite, vomiting, chronic diarrhea, seizures, poor coat condition, behavioral changes, and severe anemia. The...
Rabbits make excellent pets for country homes that don't have the space for larger livestock
Listen to the radio story mp3 Rabbits are fairly easy animals to raise, since bulk of their diet is fresh grass hays such as wheat, oat, brome, coastal, or Bahia. Smaller rabbits, such as Netherland...
Protect your four-legged friends from roaming outside your acreage by installing electronic pet fencing.
As your pets run around your property, chasing whatever catches their attention, you want to ensure they are safe, especially from busy traffic. With electronic pet fencing, you can keep pets...