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A broom handle and aluminum pie plate can tell you if you need to fertilize
Where I live in the Midwest, there are few worries regarding pond fertility. The soil is nutrient rich and our farm ponds and lakes can produce ginormous fish. But in some parts of the country,...
Winter complicates life in the pond
Ice is like a lid on the aquatic ecosystem. If it stays thin and clear, sunlight can filter through, and plants and algae can produce oxygen. However, a layer of snow on top of the ice can throw...
Getting water out of the pond is just as important as filling it
If the water level in your pond is suddenly rising, take a look at the spillway. Its job is to control the maximum depth of the pond and direct the outflow to an area that won’t compromise the...
Draining the pond can be done several ways, and some quicker than others
Late fall and early winter is a good time for pond management, such as removing silt to make the pond deeper, vegetation control, or to get rid of unwanted fish species. This often requires draining...
A pond with a deteriorating shoreline will eventually have decreased water quality
The shoreline around a pond is just as critical as the water in it. If soil is allowed to wash in through erosion, the water becomes murky and affects habitat for fish and other aquatic species. If...
Hydrilla can take over the pond if not controlled
You don't want Hydrilla taking over your pond. It's a nasty water weed, and can become a tangled mess. Greg Lutz is an aquaculture professor at Louisiana State University's...
If rainclouds don't do the filling for you, there are other options
Most farm ponds are dependent on runoff from a watershed area to fill and maintain water levels. Unfortunately, when there's no rainfall to provide the surface water, a pond dries up, and you may...
Low water is just one problem your pond may have after a drought
Low water is just one problem your pond may have after a drought. Checking pH and oxygen levels in your pond after a drought may determine if it thrives. Do what you can to balance between water...
There are several things to consider before purchasing a unit
Radio interview source: Bob Lusk, Fisheries Biologist, Pond Boss Magazine Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Many ponds have enough natural food sources for fish, so...
Drought takes a severe toll on ponds. It may seem like your pond is a goner, but there are several advantages to having a low water level.
Drought has ravaged many ponds around the country. Water levels have dropped so much in some ponds, they look like mere puddles. That is shocking to look at, but there are positives in the situation...