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Learn how to stop it from taking over your whole pond
I’ve seen ponds completely covered over in green and chances are good they’ve been infested with duckweed. Duckweed is a small, floating-leaf plant that’s about the diameter of a...
Beaver ponds are protecting downstream waters from excess nitrogen
Americans love their fertilizers. But when excess nitrogen reaches ponds, rivers, and streams it creates algae blooms, low oxygen levels that can kill fish, and dead zones along our coastlines....
If you have a small pond and kids who like to fish, consider stocking hybrid sunfish
Bluegill and other sunfish are common species in ponds, but there are benefits to stocking hybrid sunfish. Michael Masser is a fisheries specialist with Texas Agri-life Extension. He says the most...
Bring instant charm to your property
My uncle has three ponds on his farm. One is designated for raising hybrid bluegill and another is for nesting waterfowl habitat. But my favorite pond is the first all-purpose one he built. We have...
Fish kills in farm ponds and lakes can be caused by many factors, but the most common during summer is weather related.
A combination of weather patterns is causing wholesale die-offs of fish in many Texas farm ponds and lakes, according to Dr. Billy Higginbotham, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service wildlife...
A bite-free experience depends on good pond management
When I’m fishing, I hate being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. I use bug spray, but the skeeters always seem to find the one spot I miss. A nasty bug problem can rob anyone of the enjoyment...
Blog Post
Bob and I hosted the Meredith Agrimedia staff -- Successful Farming,, Living the Country Life -- last week at a summer kick-off party. There was a fishing derby at our pond and BBQ...
If the fish in your garden pond are disappearing, chances are you have a predator eating them for dinner
When you’ve spent a lot of money and time on koi and other fish for your garden pond, the last thing you want is some critter fishing them out for a meal. Erik Tate is the operations manager...
The best way to send a snake packing is to make the pond less enticing
My daughter and I were fishing a few years ago when we saw a snake swimming toward us. She thought it would be fun to try and hook it on her pole. I told her if she catches it, I’m NOT taking...
Using a vacuum meant to clean water features can save you time and make the chore less nasty
A clean garden pond is a healthy garden pond. Even if the water looks pristine, there are areas the pond filter can’t get to because filters aren’t very good at removing settled debris....