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It isn’t often that an evergreen tree needs pruning, but sometimes a haircut is necessary
The best time for pruning evergreen trees is early spring through mid-April, although you can remove dead, diseased, or broken branches anytime. A couple of factors on whether or not to prune an...
Be sure you have the right tools to keep your plants in their best shape
I have a variety of pruning tools that I use for deadheading flowers, trimming bushes, and snipping off unwieldy small tree branches. Sometimes I wonder why I need all these different devices, but it...
Lilacs are happy when they're cut back
I’ve been trying to get rid of a lilac bush that grew out of control and wasn’t in a good spot anymore. A couple of years ago I cut the whole thing down to ground level, thinking that...
Give them some TLC before they start their show
I have several Knock Out rose bushes I just love – they’re beautiful without being finicky about their care. However, they do need some attention before they come to life in the spring....
Pruning can be tricky, so take the proper precautions
An arborist is the best person to call when you need tree limbs cut, but some people do it themselves. Many homeowners suffer too many injuries and even fatalities from falling off of a ladder, or...
Proper, consistent pruning maintains healthy production
Fruit trees are not meant to be shade trees. Proper pruning opens up the canopy, lets the sunlight in, and increases the chances of a quality harvest. Brad Bergefurd is an extension horticulture...
This North Carolina couple finds peace in their wooded gardens.
If you prune clematis at the wrong time you might not see any flowers till next season. The key to proper pruning is knowing what type of clematis you have. Radio interview source: Sandy Feather,...
Prepare your roses for another season of beautiful blooms with these tips
Radio interview source: Doug Jimerson, garden editor, Better Homes & Gardens                            ...