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If you're interested in raising an unusual rabbit, try the Blanc de Hotot breed. The Blancs are rare rabbits prized for their beauty and their meat qualities. Radio interview source: Bob...
Whether you have rabbits as pets or for commercial use, they need a nice hutch to live in. If you want a customized cage, building one may be the best option. Jim Miller is a district director...
Give your bunnies some TLC so they're more comfortable in cold weather
Listen here to the radio story mp3 Living in the country means you've got room to have all kinds of animals, including rabbits. If you plan to have rabbits and keep them outside, they'll...
Rabbits make excellent pets for country homes that don't have the space for larger livestock
Listen to the radio story mp3 Rabbits are fairly easy animals to raise, since bulk of their diet is fresh grass hays such as wheat, oat, brome, coastal, or Bahia. Smaller rabbits, such as Netherland...