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Yamaha provides funding to keep you safe in work and play
The Yamaha Motorsports company wants us to have safe access to recreational trails, public lands, and riding and hunting areas. If you’re out there on an ATV or UTV, they’re hoping you...
Check out these 5 fall yard games, sure to provide fun for all ages!
The outdoors is a great place for games and activities. These five fall games are sure to provide entertainment and fun for all! Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe Add a fall twist to this classic game by...
Create a folded bark basket made from the trees on your property
I have a favorite basket that I use every year when I’m picking produce in the garden. It's rectangular with a handle. Long ago, pioneers made folded bark baskets to transport food. Basket...
If your land has the natural beauty of a park, you may be approached to allow camping
My family and I love to camp. But with the increased popularity of public campgrounds, it's become somewhat difficult to find a nice spot where you're not right on top of the next campsite....
Invite the public to tour your farm or ranch to educate them about agriculture and make extra money.
I enjoy going out to farms and learning about crop production, raising livestock, or just having fun in the pumpkin patch. People who invite others onto their property put a lot of thought and...
Stay out of the emergency room
Where there is snow, there are kids on sleds flying down the hills as fast as they can. We have a nice hill in our back yard, and I like to hop on for a ride because I’m still a kid at heart...
Being in the wild is relaxing
When I want a break from the daily grind, I go outside. Paddling in my kayak, walking the sandbars of a river, or bicycling on a woodland trail bring me so much peace. Nature is the great equalizer...
In Norway, where winter days are short and cold, the "koselig" lifestyle embraces all things warm, cozy, and comforting. Here are a few ways to make your own life more koselig.
Unleash the cowboy in your soul
My grandfather was one of John Wayne’s biggest fans. He loved movies where the actor rode his horse across rugged terrain, ate beans cooked over the fire, and was the consummate cowboy. You...
A safe ride helps ensure a good time
I love hayrack rides, especially in the fall when the owners of a nearby apple orchard give delightful tours of their farm on the way to the pumpkin patch. Farm Safety Specialist Bobby Grisso at...