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Going on a hike with the kids is a great way to combine quality family time with exercise and exploration
My family loves to camp and we’ve gone on hikes through mountains and prairies. The kids enjoy it and we always discover something new. If you haven’t shared this experience with your...
If you are in the market for a side-by-side, 4x4, or similar workhorse machine for your acreage or small farm, here are a few options.
Under federal law, people have recreation rights on a stream or river running through your property
Several years ago I was canoeing on a river and nearly got hung up on barbed wire fences that were strung from bank-to-bank. The landowners probably put them there to keep cattle from going...
Yamaha introduces a new multi-purpose utility vehicle.
Having a waiver certainly can't hurt, but it may not be enough
When visitors come to your farm for a tour or entertainment, you might have them sign a liability waiver that spells out the realities and risks on the farm. By signing, visitors agree to not hold...
Brent is teeing up for golf in the pasture and supporting charities
Brent Maher of Franklin, Tennessee had 20-acres of land that he wasn't doing much with. One day as he was mowing, he thought, why not mow out a golf course? Brent didn't play golf, but his...
Each year Indianola, Iowa hosts the National Balloon Classic. The skies are filled with color as hot air balloons take to the skies and participate in competitive ballooning. Pilots race their...
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Our town is hosting the National Balloon Classic this week, which means mornings and nights where 100 balloons fly over our small farm, scaring the sheep. I was in the garden the first morning they...
Topographic maps detail the terrain and contours of the land
Road maps tell you where you're driving, but if you're on a backpacking trek, use a topographic map.  Kristin Fishburn is a cartographer for the U-S Geological Survey. She says topo...
Readers share photos of their kids living the country life