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Trunks and roots of apple trees are among the favorite meals for mice in the winter
When there’s lots of snow on the ground and you’re just a little mouse, it’s tough finding your next meal. But if you happen to be scampering around fruit trees, dinner is served....
Sanitation and making your outbuilding less attractive to rodents will reduce the problem
Mice and rats are creatures of opportunity. The contents of your outbuilding or shed might be their good fortune. Bob Pierce is an Extension fish and wildlife specialist at the University of...
Foil their meal plans by putting a barrier between the varmints and the bulbs
I’ve spent hours planting spring-flowering bulbs in the garden, only to find them dug up and gone soon after being put in the ground. There are a lot of chipmunks in my yard. I’m sure...
Their burrows can cause structural damage
Groundhogs – which are also called woodchucks – build extensive underground burrow systems. They can be several feet-deep and 25'-30'in length. They live in a variety of locations...
Use traps when they wear out their welcome
Moles are strange looking animals. These small, furry critters have beak-like noses, tiny eyes, and huge paddle-like front feet with large claws. They live their lives constantly burrowing in deep...
Mice don't make good roommates for chickens
Chicken coops are the Taj Mahal for mice. There’s food, water, and a cozy place to nest and have babies, especially when it’s cold out. However, rodents do not belong there and should be...
Critter control
There is a section in Living the Country Life magazine called “All Around the Homestead” where we print tips and tricks from our readers to make life easier in the country. Everybody...