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Fascinating things you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day.
It’s February! That means you’re going to start seeing cards with hearts and pink candies everywhere. Check out these fun facts about the holiday you might not know!
Keep these new English Roses in mind when planning for Spring 2015.
Keep these flowers in mind when planning for Spring 2015.
What I always hope for is the occasional year when the yellow roses bloom in time for Memorial Day.
Memorial Day is all about flowers. OK, it's also about remembering, honoring, crying a little, even barbecuing. But flowers are right up there. My family has lived in the same place for 130...
A little TLC now helps ensure growth in the spring
Listen to the radio story mp3 Roses are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they need a bit of winter pampering to keep them in top condition. Do some light pruning to remove any dead or...
Controlling multiflora rose Multiflora rose may look pretty, but it's an invasive weed that can get out of control. This prickly shrub spreads rapidly, and it will take extra effort to get...
Prepare your roses for another season of beautiful blooms with these tips
Radio interview source: Doug Jimerson, garden editor, Better Homes & Gardens                            ...