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Check the pipes to avoid problems
Radio interview source: Dave Gustafson, Lead Trainer, University of Minnesota On-Site Sewage Treatment Program Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below A backed-up septic system in...
When tree roots invade your pipes, patio, and foundation, that means trouble
Radio interview source: Scott Cullen, Registered Consulting Arborist, American Society of Consulting Arborists Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Tree roots look for any...
The color of your grass could be an indicator to septic trouble.
Radio interview source: Brad Lee, Associate, Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   It's not always necessary to...
A septic system that's working right shouldn't need a lot of maintenance, unless you're putting stuff into it that you shouldn't. There are two categories of items that can wreak...
Septic system drain fields aren't supposed to look like a bubble bath. If your drain field is bubbling, or the septic is backing up into the house, your laundry habits may be the culprit. Radio...
Call the professionals to provide regular maintenance
Listen to the radio story mp3 Septic systems are an important -- and often overlooked -- part of keeping any country home running smoothly, so to speak. Just like with your vehicles, it's...