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Barns add character to the rural landscape, nestled into the countryside standing tall and proud or as the cornerstone of an acreage or farm. These photos, submitted by readers, allow us to share...
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Bob put the finishing touches on our new sheep shed made totally out of scraps and recycled material. You can see pieces of the red tin from our big barn. There are also pieces of the old hog...
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We turned the ram in with the ewes (he's happy) and tore out his old hut. Bob is building a sheep shed in that spot, using old boards he salvaged from another farm. He seems to know what he's...
Sheds are often one of the most over-looked buildings on an acreage. Create a unique space for your homestead using Studio Shed, a shed that adds storage and style.
Here's how to achieve the attractive look and perfect function you want for outbuildings on your country property.
Building a shed A shed should be a thing of beauty to behold, says David Stiles, author of Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Backyard Builders. "People often make the mistake of thinking of...