Living the Country Life

Solar-powered Content

Planting, maintenance, and other chores can be done by tractors powered by electricity from the sun
Farm equipment innovator Steve Heckeroth has been tinkering with designs to build electric vehicles for 26-years. Small and mid-sized farmers from all over the world and share his enthusiasm for...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Renewable resource Listen to this radio story (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Brad Collins, executive director, American Solar Energy Society We used electric fencing...
With all the of green power, it's easy to get confused over the options. Every state offers different renewable energy initiatives, so it's worth the effort to do some research. Radio...
A good, inexpensive lighting option
If you need a security light for an outbuilding but don't want to run electricity out to it, there's another option. Solar security lights are a good alternative and only come on when needed...
These heaters provide instant hot water, work in any climate, and save money
With all the talk of protecting the environment and conserving resources, many consumers are looking to the sun as a natural energy source. One way solar heat can effectively be used in the home is...