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Fragrant hyacinths star in these five arrangements that you can put together right now!
More than merely a vase with voluptuous curves and a glint of sparkle, glass forcers launch bulbs into their preseason escapades. Just add water.
For the spring garden, cheery daffodils are the perfect flower. They are brightly colored to perk up spirits, hungry deer avoid them, and they are among the first flowers of the season to bloom.
These harbingers of spring have inspired people for ages. In the mid-1700s, botanist Carl Linnaeus gave a wild white flower with yellow cup the botanical name Narcissus, after the...
While tulips rock in bouquets, they also star in the spring garden. Celebrate cheerful and elegant tulips in potted containers, garden beds, or borders. Fortunately, a handful of tulip bulbs are...
Plant at a glance: Tulip Botanical name: Tulipa Height: Varies from 4–5 inches for species up to 26 inches for hybrids Colors: Flowers in all colors except blue and...
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Plant bulbs en masse now for drifts of colorful blooms when spring arrives. Eager gardeners know that scurrying to bury bulbs before the ground freezes in the fall is the ticket to a front-row seat...