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My wife, Marilyn, and I love strawberries. In order for us to have a few on-hand outside our door, we turned a plastic, 55-gallon barrel into a strawberry Mecca.
We started with a barrel that had two threaded bungs in the top. If you have a barrel available that has a removable top, all the better. Since ours had the bungs we began by using a drill to...
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The strawberries are ripe at my family's pick-your-own farm in Maryland -- check the website for the latest picking information: and like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook...
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The Florida Strawberry Growers Association stopped by our offices and shared some delicious recipes and entertaining ideas. As the daughter of a strawberry farmer, I know a lot about this crop. I...
Day-neutral strawberries produce all summer.
June isn’t the only time to pick fresh strawberries. Another option for garden plots is day-neutral or everbearing strawberries, also called summer strawberries. They’re perfect if...
The growing season is over, but your strawberry plants have already set their flower buds for next spring. For a good harvest next year, make sure the berry plants have a snug bed this winter. Radio...
Betsy Freese talks about starting and maintaining your own patch
Radio interview source: Phil Johnson, owner, Walnut Springs Farm         Listen here for the radio story Editor Betsy Freese grew up toiling on her father's strawberry...