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Sweet-corn Content

Learn the damage signs so you can pinpoint the culprit
Birds, deer, raccoons, squirrels, even black bears will help themselves to your sweet corn patch, usually right before you’re ready to harvest. But how do you know what critter is eating it...
You just can't beat the taste of sweet corn! Learn how to freeze your corn, and use it in these recipes all year long!
Cook it on the stove, the microwave, the grill - even in a cooler
Corn on the cob is a staple food in my house during the summer. We slather it with butter and a bit of salt, and devour every kernel. I usually cook mine by boiling it. Fill a pan with enough water...
Sometimes you find a wormy surprise when you husk corn
Fresh ears of sweet corn are a staple at my house in the summer. Sometimes when I’m husking, I’ll find a green or gray striped worm munching on the tip of the corn. It’s not...
Save your bin-busting crop of sweet corn in the freezer
When the fields are bursting with sweet corn, you might be wondering what to do with it all. Fortunately, sweet corn is easy to freeze, so you can enjoy the harvest all year long. Lynn Blanchard...
Keep these tips in mind if you're thinking about adding sweet corn to your line-up
Radio interview source: Robert Cox, Extension horticulture agent, Colorado State University             Listen to the radio story here...
Get a pot of water boiling -- it's sweet corn time! Plump, juicy ears with brown silks reaching out of the husk tell you that the corn is ripe for the pickin'. Radio interview source:...
Stop buying the store-bought snack and start growing it yourself. It'll taste better!
Radio interview source: Richard Jauron, Extension horticulturist, Iowa State University                          ...
Choosing a sweet corn variety for your garden can be confusing. They all taste good with butter and salt come summer, but are there differences? There are three major types of sweet corn, says...