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Front tines or rear tines will make a difference
A garden tiller can be an important tool in cultivating weeds, working in compost, and starting new beds. As you’re shopping for one, consider the size and scale of the garden, how much money...
Troy-Bilt® has introduced the Bronco™ Axis™ vertical-tine tiller – and is changing the way gardeners have been tilling for decades.
In 1937, Troy-Bilt transformed gardening by introducing the first rototiller and since then gardeners have relied on tillers to break new ground, loosen up soil before the growing season and add...
It’s important to understand the different uses and benefits of these two important garden tools
A successful garden starts with the task of prepping soil to ensure plants receive the nutrients they need for the growing season. But before the soil is turned or any ground is broken, it’s...
The right attachments for your compact tractor can make tasks easier and faster.
Spring is here, and it's time to start thinking about your garden. Save yourself from the back-breaking work of a shovel or hoe and consider a garden tiller. Gardeners love tillers because the...