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Prevention and sanitation are the keys
There are three bacterial diseases that tomato growers don’t want to find on their plants: Speck, spot, and canker. If they show up, it could mean the end of the entire crop. Mohammed...
The key is knowing when and what to feed them
I like to baby my tomato plants. I get a little worried about the fertilizer though, because I’m not always sure if they’re getting the right stuff. Bob Westerfield is an extension...
When it gets really hot, we start shutting down. The same thing happens with tomato plants. If your tomatoes seem to be on hold and not setting fruit, blame it on the heat.
Radio interview source: Brad Bergefurd, Horticulture Extension Educator, Ohio State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   The heat is a real concern to...
Your growing tomato plants need plenty of support. Keep them off the ground with these creative and attractive options.