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Their presence is more unsightly than it is serious
Some of the trees in my area have big, silky nests on the ends of the branches with wiggling caterpillars inside them. They’re fall webworms and while they might gross you out, they’re...
Prevent costly mistakes with the chainsaw
A few years ago, we needed a couple of dying trees cut down.  We weren’t home at the time, and unfortunately, the people we hired cut down the wrong trees! Whether you're harvesting...
It's a major invasive pest of hardwood trees
An enemy of many hardwood tree species is the gypsy moth. The caterpillar eats the tree leaves and if the defoliation is severe enough, the tree becomes stressed and weak. The male gypsy moth is...
Nuggets of the past are recorded in those rings
The next time you see a tree stump, count the rings and notice how they’re shaped. Trees don't say much, but they tell you a lot. Steve Leavitt is the associate director of the...
Damaged trees pose a danger to people and property. When storms or high winds hit, limbs - and often whole trees - fall to the ground.
"Many fatal accidents and millions of dollars in property damage can be averted if homeowners heed the warning signs of a hazardous tree," says Tchukki Andersen, staff arborist for the Tree...
Blog Post
There are so many wonderful sights to see in May, things to smell, things to do. I traveled on farms in Illinois and Missouri last week, collecting photos and interviews for Living the Country Life....
Retaining walls are built to hold back soil, especially when your garden or flowers are located on an unnatural slope on your yard or farm.
There are many different ways to build a retaining wall. Here are some of our favorites!
Attract blue orchard mason bees to your garden or backyard this spring.
While honeybees are important to agriculture, it seems that blue orchard mason bees are actually a better and more efficient pollinator of native crops. Scientists estimate that one foraging female...
Dams and gnawing teeth can cause a lot of damage.
I heard about a guy in Minnesota who planted a grove of new trees on his acreage. He went out on his porch one morning to drink his coffee and found all the trees had been cut down by beavers...
Your tree might be a convenient snack
I get a kick out of watching the squirrels scamper around the back yard. Squirrels can cause tree damage by gnawing, but ours are so busy raiding the bird feeders I haven't noticed anything out...