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It's mushroom hunting season! Spring brings these tasty morsels out from hiding.
Find ways to let nature take its course
After pruning, a heavy storm or high winds, you might be wondering what to do with all the tree branches that are laying on the ground – or maybe even the tree itself.   Jesse Randall is...
Know how and when to offer first aid to your plants so you don’t damage them further
Seeing tree branches broken on the ground or hanging by a thread after a hefty ice or snowstorm is heartbreaking. We have several beautiful trees that have had their shapes altered forever....
Being a good steward of the forest on your land starts with solid planning
People own forested land for many reasons, including income from the wood, recreational purposes, and aesthetics. You can’t afford to ignore the value of this asset, so a well-prepared forest...
There are insecticidal options to protect your ash trees
The emerald ash borer is a huge threat to ash trees. It's slowly munching its way from-state-to-state. The pest kills both stressed and healthy trees and is so aggresive, a tree may die within...
Humor columnist Brent Olson shares his wit and wisdom.
Download this FREE special collection of Brent Olson's columns for Living the Country Life magazine. You'll enjoy Brent's reflections on life, family, prairie, and winter in Minnesota!
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I was filling the water tank at the well the other evening and found myself staring at the magnificent walnut trees in our grove. In the 26 years we've lived there I haven't fully appreciated...
Weedy vines are difficult to get rid of but if you don't try, you run the risk of severe damage to the tree
Your trees might be under a sneak attack. Scan inside the canopies for vining tendrils that can engulf the branches. Two of the most invasive weedy vines around the U.S. are bur cucumber and...
Cicadas are little bugs that make a great big noise every decade or so
The deafening sound in your trees this spring announces the arrival of cicadas. Dan Mozgai is a cicada expert, and owner of the website There are species that appear either every 13...
Sort out your rights and responsibilities before doing anything drastic to the tree
A hazardous tree on a property line could become a bone of contention between neighbors.  Years ago, our neighbor had a tree that branched out over our driveway. It didn't bother us until...