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Attract blue orchard mason bees to your garden or backyard this spring.
While honeybees are important to agriculture, it seems that blue orchard mason bees are actually a better and more efficient pollinator of native crops. Scientists estimate that one foraging female...
Dams and gnawing teeth can cause a lot of damage.
I heard about a guy in Minnesota who planted a grove of new trees on his acreage. He went out on his porch one morning to drink his coffee and found all the trees had been cut down by beavers...
Your tree might be a convenient snack
I get a kick out of watching the squirrels scamper around the back yard. Squirrels can cause tree damage by gnawing, but ours are so busy raiding the bird feeders I haven't noticed anything out...
Get ready to spring clean your home!
Do you have that spring cleaning itch? Here are the spots around your home to remember to clean this year.
Learn about dry farming and how one walnut orchard in Paso Robles, California created its own brand.
Learn about dry farming and how one walnut orchard in Paso Robles, California created its own distinguished brand.
A California family goes out on a limb to provide the best walnuts
Olivia Wenger of Paso Robles, California, is keeping a close eye on the drought situation. Her family farm is Limerock Orchards, which includes 23-acres of heirloom English walnut trees. The trees...
Douglas fir Christmas tree branches.
Do you know how to tell popular Christmas tree varieties apart? We’ll show you! Which tree will your family choose?
Battenfeld's Christmas tree farm.
This Christmas tree farm has been around since 1956 and over the years the family has created a unique experience for faithful customers.
The fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and a mango
The largest edible fruit native to the United States is the paw paw. It’s a mango-like fruit that grows on trees mostly east of the Mississippi. It’s not something you’ll readily...
If you can't see the grass, get the rake out
When the leaves fall off of my trees, I run over them with the lawn mower and let the shreddings stay on the ground. But if we’ve had a lot of rain that’s created a thick, dense mat of...