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Getting seeds for your garden may be as simple as visiting the library. Seed libraries are cropping up to help you grow food and learn the art of seed saving.
The next time you're in the library, see if you can check out garden seeds along with your books. Seed lending libraries are sprouting up around the country to offer free packets of seeds, with...
Pay attention to water quality, keep animals out of the garden, and always wash your hands
Whether you have a small vegetable garden or acres of produce, there is the risk of harmful bacteria causing a foodborne illness. However, there are steps you can take to reduce that risk....
When a plant looks ill, figure out why before you treat it
Healthy garden plants usually do a good job resisting disease when they're growing in the right conditions, but sometimes they still get sick. Garden expert Justin Hancock says plants become...
A young Wisconsin couple has big dreams for their small farm
Anne Drehfal and Dennis Fiser started their agricultural careers after college by working on various diversified vegetable farms in Wisconsin. The two worked with farmer's markets, CSA's, and...
The Colorado potato beetle will chew the leaves of potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants to nothing
The Colorado potato beetle is a familiar pest in the vegetable garden and will munch foliage till there's nothing left. Tom Kuhar is an associate professor of entomology at Virginia Tech. He...
Kin gives communities of children the benefits of gardening
A few years ago, Kin Schilling was given a one-acre triangle of land near her home in the small town of Hancock, New Hampshire. She decided to put in a garden and start a CSA program. She had seven...
Rich with nutrients, straw bales prompt better growing conditions
As a kid, Joel Karsten helped bale straw and hay on a farm in southwestern Minnesota. When he stacked a rack of hay or straw bales, there were always a few that slid off the top. The string would...
If your plants aren't doing well in the spot you chose for them, the soil pH might be wrong
There are many reasons why some plants will or won't grow in your soil, and the pH level is one of them. Joe Hannan is an extension horticulture field specialist with Iowa State University....
Be realistic as you're making plans for the growing season
Radio interview source: Jennifer Smith, Extension Horticulturist, Kansas State University   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Gardening is fertile ground for New Year's resolutions,...
A little cleanup now will go a long way come spring
  Interview source: Mike Moechnig, Extension Weed Specialist, South Dakota State University                        ...