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Watering Content

Cancel the paper, put the mail on hold, and do some gardening
Before my family usually goes on vacation, I water the garden well and try to weed a lot. But, the garden is usually out of control by the time we return. Horticulturist Leonard Perry at the...
Water evergreens now to avoid brown needles in the spring
Despite the cold, harsh conditions of winter, your evergreens are still transpiring and need to have that lost water replaced. If moisture lost through the needles is higher than what the tree is...
Water the plants underground
I’m getting really tired of dragging the hose out every day to water my gardens. Thousands of years ago, humans had a much more efficient way of watering. They buried unglazed, terra-cotta pots...
Keep your garden well-watered for the best vegetable and flower production. A soaker hose reduces evaporation, and puts the water right where it needs to go – down to the roots.
Radio interview source: Dennis Patton, Extension Horticulture Agent, Kansas State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Using a soaker hose on plants...