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Weed-control Content

Select the right type of landscape fabric for your gardening projects
Landscape fabrics are designed to prevent weeds from taking over your garden. They work by preventing sunlight from reaching germinating weeds while allowing air, water and nutrients through to the...
Some weeds are as tough as iron to get rid of
Staying ahead of weeds in the pasture can be a chore, especially woody weeds such as Buckbrush, Black Hawthorn, and Multiflora rose. Scott Hagood is an extension weed scientist at Virginia Tech...
A little cleanup now will go a long way come spring
My gardens are shabby by this time of year. I’m pretty good with weeding till about August, then give up. This year I'm making an effort to keep going, because fall is the time when...
Learn how to stop it from taking over your whole pond
I’ve seen ponds completely covered over in green and chances are good they’ve been infested with duckweed. Duckweed is a small, floating-leaf plant that’s about the diameter of a...
Control where the plants grow
When the pond isn’t completely surrounded by plants, it’s a lot easier to get in there to fish, swim, and launch a boat. Tadd Barrow is a water quality specialist with HAB Aquatic...
More weeds over the winter could mean less weeds in spring
Welcome the birds, field mice, and other rodents in your fields this winter. They’re helping you fight weeds. But they can only do this if you don’t till the weeds in after harvest....
You CAN win the war
I find pulling weeds by hand very therapeutic. It’s relaxing, it’s good for my garden, and I don’t have to think. But not everybody feels that way and would rather be doing anything...
Poisonous weeds found in pastures
Keep your livestock away from these pesky weeds.
Timing and weather conditions are key when starting a controlled fire
Prescribed burning Listen here to the radio mp3 Over a-hundred years ago, the red glow of a fire on the horizon would put fear into anyone who saw it.  It’s still shocking to see,...
Kill it or keep it
I’ve noticed a bumper crop of clover growing in my lawn this year. There were little white flowers dotting it everywhere, especially in spots where the turf is a bit thin. White clover starts...