Living the Country Life

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Fellows at the Allegheny Mountain School.
Allegheny Mountain School helps create farmers for a new generation.
Jacob Shuman has overcome struggles to become the recipient of a national 4-H leadership award
Jacob Shuman had trouble learning and struggled in elementary school, especially with math. It was discovered that his birth mother drank during pregnancy, and he has fetal alcohol syndrome. His mom...
Before you jump in, you’ve got to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly
Living in the country means wide-open space, fresh air, and peacefulness. No wonder people are flocking in from town. But many don’t realize that there’s also mud, livestock diseases, and...
This young couple moved across the country to become more self-sufficient.
Need help with a farm project? Call in the mob
Crop mobs are sprouting up around the country to offer free labor on acreages and urban permaculture farms. Lorig Hawkins is a co-founder of the Texas Young Farmer Coalition, which is a...