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7 trailer tips to make your life easier

Few purchases can buy you the convenience a trailer offers. Whether you need to haul livestock, horses, an ATV, or supplies from the farm store, the right trailer is often a wise investment. Finding the trailer that suits you is tricky, but following these tips can help you discover the trailer that will meet your specific needs.

2. Check the weight rating

Think about how you will use your trailer. Will you haul horses, livestock, or the lawn mower? Knowing what you will use your trailer for will help you determine the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) you need.

The manufacturer assigns each trailer a GVWR, which include the weight of the actual trailer and the maximum payload capacity. To find out how much weight you can load in your trailer, subtract the weight of the empty trailer from the GVWR.

Buy a trailer that will allow you to safely haul a little more than you need, Lancaster says. If you plan to haul your two horses weighing 1,000 pounds each, consider that you may be hauling hay and tack for them as well. It is unsafe and illegal to overload a trailer beyond its GVWR. Make sure you choose a trailer with a GVWR that will meet your needs and still offer some flexibility.

Lancaster says not all manufacturers measure GVWR in the same way, though. Ask a dealer if the GVWR on the trailer includes the transfer weight to the tongue of the tow vehicle. This will make a difference in how much weight you can haul and how the trailer should be loaded.

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