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Choosing a dump trailer

A sturdy dump trailer comes in handy for many chores

Radio interview source: Keith Evans, Group Manager, Bosski

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When you're hauling material behind an all-terrain or utility vehicle, you want it dumped easily and quickly. A dump trailer comes in handy for large loads you need to move around your property.

Keith Evans is the group manager of a trailer company. He says dump trailers are a great accessory for an ATV or UTV. They are perfect for hauling materials such as wood, rock, and manure. With most models, you release a lever, and the contents dump out easily. Other models operate off the battery power of the tow vehicle.

Evans says it's important to know what you'll be using the trailer for, and buy accordingly. "You want to compare the actual weight of the trailer, it's more rugged design, to how much weight it can actually carry," Evans says. "So that might be something like a four-to-one ratio. A hundred pound trailer can likely handle up to about 400-pounds capacity."

Most dump trailers are made of steel. You'll also find polyethylene, which is durable and easy to wash out, but may eventually corrode or crack. Evans advises looking for 14-gauge steel construction with a lot of welds that is powder-coated or galvanized.   

A dump trailer for an ATV or UTV is an accessory where you get what you pay for.

"A trailer that's less than $500 is probably most suitable for flat ground, short distances," Evans says. "If you're hauling a large load of wood out of the forest through rough terrain, or maybe a lot of rock, you're really going to want to look for a more rugged trailer with large tires and good wheel bearings."

Dump trailers pulled behind an ATV or UTV cost between $500-$1,000. A trailer that has more load capacity might cost $2,000.

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