30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub Feeding & Management Tips

Purina 30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub Feeding & Management Tips

Controlled consumption technology, feeding and management tips provided by Ted Perry; Ruminant Nutritionist.

Tub placement in the pasture should be near water sources or where the cattle congregates such as under shade trees. Secondly, producer should consider the number of tubs per pasture. Producer should place one tub per nine to eleven head per pasture. However, it is recommended that producer place at least two tubs per pasture to ensure all cows have access to the tub especially timid cattle. Third, producer should check their pasture and tubs often to ensure adequate product is available at all times and that the tubs are clean of debris and rain water, especially after heavy rains or winds. As you can see, we have a pretty typical placement. We have the forage pile that the cows are eating on the hay. And then, where those two cows are eating down there, that is where we've placed the tubs. Halfway between the forage pile, the tub is placed halfway between the forage pile and the shade area. As it gets later in the day, that's where the cows will congregate under the shade. So we want the tub to where they're gonna see it multiple times per day. Finally, once all of the product has been consumed, it's best to collect the empty tubs and dispose of them properly. There are limited recycling centers for producers to dispose of the tubs. However, the tubs and covers can be reused for other non-feed applications such as storage of tools, planters or rain collection. In summary, the Purina 30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub with controlled consumption technology provides cows the protein supplementation they need through consistent consumption of 1/2 to 1 pound per head per day. The Purina 30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub aims to provide cows balanced nutrition of 30 percent protein, fat, and minerals. The 60-pound tub size and delivery method is convenient to help save you time and potential labor and helps reduce wasted feed because of the weather resistance. Encourage your producers to manage their pastures and tub placement to ensure access to all cows by placing a minimum of two tubs per pasture and at least one tub per nine to eleven head of cows. Contact your local Purina representatives if you or your producers have any questions.