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Purina Legacy from The American Rancher

The Purina brand is known as a symbol of pride and leadership to producers, dealers and the industry. When you purchase Purina you know your purchasing quality.

-Welcome back to the American Rancher. I'm Red Steagall and I'm proud to be with you today. The Purina brand is known as a symbol of pride and leadership for producers, dealers and the industry. When you purchase the Purina brand, you know you're purchasing quality. The Purina Meal story goes back more than a hundred years and we found it on the 4-Square Method that still exists today. -Purina Mills was founded in 1894 by a young entrepreneur named William H. Danforth. From the opening of the 1st beef cattle research facility in 1926 to the development of Accuration in 1971 to ongoing discoveries, Purina Meals continues to achieve significant milestones in the field of animal nutrition. Longview Animal Nutrition Center is located on 1, 188 acres in Gray Summit, Missouri. It is the premier animal nutrition research and development facility in North America. No other national brand of feed has invested more time in research and understanding the needs of our customers and animals. -Mr. Danforth was very much a visionary in business and you could also say in life and had what he called his 4-Square philosophy of successful life which was the mental aspects that sharp mentally. The physical aspects was a collectivity fitness, a spiritual aspect, he thought was very important in everyone's life and also a social part of life, in other words, a responsibility to your fellowmen. And what he did was mapped that over to a 4-Square philosophy of livestock production. And the way Mr. Danforth said that he- first was nutrition but he called it good feeding. The second was proper sanitation which we equate to good animal health today. The third would've been what he called good breeding and that's the genetics, genetics that we deal with today. And then, lastly, he called good management which means creating the proper environment for the animals to perform. So, today, we continue with that same thought process by identifying what we would call our research and development platforms. These are the things that are most important to our livestock producers and, in our case, would be the cattle producers and everything we do here at Longview, research and development, new products, revolves around those platforms. -At the Longview Animal Nutrition Center, nutritionists, veterinarians and managers observe first-hand to enter relationship of good feed practices, good health, proper growth and development and optimum performance. Their commitment to research helps keep Purina on the leading edge of nutritional science. -Performance is really the biggest platform that we have. The reason why is that it covers the whole industry because we sell weight, sell from the cow calf guy or from the feedlot operator, I sell weight. So, we're looking at feed and land efficiencies not only in feedlot, but for stocker cattle, for cows and reproductive rights and things like that. So, that's a- that's our big one. Another one is in the area of what we call intake management. Now, a lot of us think well, intake management may be intake limiting, but it's also how do we get cattle to eat more because, in feed law and if I can get them to eat more, they are going to be cattle that would gain more. And, hopefully, we'll have some efficiency along with it. -Purina Mills develops, manufactures and markets quality feeds that bring out the best in animals and fulfills all the needs of our customers. -The feeds and ingredients that are available to us are changing everyday. We have an opportunity to evaluate those ingredients and what kind of nutritional value they have and how they can be utilized by the animal all the way to how they can be packaged in a usable form using process research to find out how we can get it best to the producer and provide them with sound nutrition and a usable form that they can have on their operation. That all starts here at Longview. -Field research is actually just 1 component of successfully bringing a new product to the marketplace. Once a product has been researched and proven here at Longview, at that point, we'll go to some of our Rancher customers, offer them the product and appeal research setting. Those trials and evaluations will be monitored under the direction of our field consultant staff. Once that product has been successfully utilized in that field research setting, oftentimes, at that point, we will then offer it for a test market area and, again, if it's successfully proven there, we will then offer that product for sale nationwide. -We are very sure that, once we have a product tested here, that it's gonna perform in the field. The other thing then, what we do from a research standpoint is we'll actually take it to the field, too, and test it there a little bit first. But we know before it even gets to the field research standpoint and that's a nice thing a lot- about a lot of the Purina products is they are research-proven. -Purina Mills is, clearly, the United States leader in animal nutrition products, research and innovation and is the largest feed manufacturer in the country. -Our mission is to deliver the products, programs and technologies to the cattle producer that would deliver optimum result to performance in the animals, deliver the kind of appearance for those animals that our customers expect and do it at a competitive cost. We have very high land costs out there today for our producers and productivity from that land is very, very important and we need to work with our producers to get the right stocking rates to deliver maximum productivity for their operations. -Purina Mills became known for service, knowledge and quality in its products and people across the country. Today, the state-of-the-art research facility has made Purina a leader in animal nutrition products, research and innovation and the largest feed manufacturer in the country. -A new product must prove value to the- to the customer and that value may be determined by convenience, labor savings, cost savings or improved production or any component of those value pieces. This has to be a win-win situation for both the rancher as well as land that likes Purina. -The areas that we travel, we see different things and, in some area, we may see where something has worked or where a particular product that we have has really exceeded our expectations because we'd maybe tweaked the management a little bit. -Purina Mills and its people are strong supporters of the cattle industry. As a leading sponsor of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, they support efforts led by this organization while serving on the Allied Industry Board. Purina Mills, along with our dealer network, support the National FFA Association and 4-H at the national and local levels. -The cattle business is extremely important to Purina and we feel, as a stakeholder in the America's cattle industry, we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, to make sure that we're making investments back into the future of the industry, making sure that we have a viable industry for cattlemen in the future. -We intend to stay very close to our customer with what we call market research and that's just a fancy way of saying, talk to the customers, know what they need and then deliver upon those needs. -As a field consultant, that's what I do every day, is working with the customers, out on the farm, out on the ranch. I work hand in hand with the cattle specialist and also with the dealers. What we're doing is we are testing as we go to ensure that the value's there. So, we just don't stir something up and say, here, industry. Here it is. We do have a process. So, the important thing on that is, when you buy something from us, you're buying reliability and predictability. -Land will like Purina and we feel like we're continually develop products that meet the customer's needs based on what they're telling us, line that up with our research platform, we'll be able to successfully introduce new products for years to come to help build better cattle. -Purina Mills has delivered the future of cattle nutrition as producers and industries' needs have changed. The sound research and exceptional customer service has helped stockmen build better cattle yesterday, today and will continue to do so through tomorrow.